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"Please use me as a reference for the lilac scent!! My house smells like it’s filled with fresh lilacs!!! It's perfect!" Wendy, Rhode Island

"You make a quality product. I love your jars and labeling." Brian, New York

"I'm already burning the 'Santal' and it smells amazing - and I love your matchbook design." Cassia, Brooklyn, NY

"...the best candle I've ever had. And I burn a lot of candles!" Betty, Martha's Vineyard

"Your scents aren't cloying and artificial like most candles." Angela, Orleans

"I'm burning my Hydrangea candle in my kitchen right now and it's filling my house with the most relaxing, beautiful smell. Your candles are so nice, thank you!"


"I really love your scents!" Leanne, Hyannis

"We love our candles! I'll definitely be ordering more!" Catherine, Boston


"I can honestly say it was the nicest smelling candle ever!" Chris, Yarmouth Port about P'Town Spice


"My office smells AMAZING!!!" Amy, Mashpee


"Just saw the smaller sized candles at the studio. I'm buying one tomorrow. Now only to decide which one, they are all so distinctly fabulous. Love the smaller size!" Shirley


"These soy candles aren't smoky like Y*#kee candles!"


"Soy candles are the only candles I will buy."


"I wanted to let you know my candles arrived yesterday all safe and sound. I lit my first one about 1/2 hour ago and went out to plow the snow out of my yard and when I walked back in..WOW! I am burning the P'town and it is amazing. I hope my customers all love them as well. Thank you." Linda, New York


"When I think of Cape Cod I think of clean beaches, the elite on vacation. Your white candles look very Cape Cod to me." Sheri, Chicago


"Your health & environmental emphasis really touched our hearts." Linda, Magnolia, MA

"Wanted to share with you that my friend you sent the cat memorial candle to just called me in tears saying it was,"The best candle ever" and that she has never seen anything like this. Thanks again for sending it so quick. Thought you'd like to hear how happy you made someone!"   Vicky, Orleans, MA


"Your candles are the only ones I have found that don’t give me a headache.  Even other soy brands, I think it must be the fragrances in them.  Anyway, yours are great.Thank you"  Ruth, Sandwich, MA

"I LOVE your candles and the love you put into your candles." Sandi, Harwich Port


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