Classic Cape Cod

Cape Cod Cranberry: A blend of tart New England cranberries infused with orange peel + cardamom

Boardwalk: Invigorating italian bergamot extract, tart seaberries + awapuhi

Nantucket Lavender: An enchanting July lavender along cobblestone streets, hint of rosemary

Chatham Light: Woody, earthy mix of cedar, sandalwood, warm musk and a touch of patchouli

Pleasant Bay: A unique, calming and balanced blend of lemongrass, black currant, sugarcane + lime

Sandy Neck Bonfire: The dreamy scent of a bonfire with toasted marshmallows

Cahoon Hollow Coconut: Toasted coconut; reminiscent of lazy, summer days in Wellfleet

Beachcomber: creamy coconut with a touch of pineapple

The Vineyard: barrel aged bourbon whiskey + burnt sugar *limited edition

6A Sunday Drive: Your favorite coffee shop in a candle! Freshly roasted coffee beans brewed to perfection

Buzzards Bay Rum: bay leaves infused in dark rum matured with Caribbean spices

P'Town Spice: cranberry marmalade, cinnamon + clove

Nauset: ocean mist and orange blossoms - cool, brisk blue waters


First Snow: Festive + frosty peppermint with hints of cocoa
Woodlands: A classic Christmas tree scent ~ Freshly cut evergreen and fir balsam
Holiday by the Sea: Essences of orange, vetiver and pine. Reminiscent of holidays past
Cape Cod Christmas: Bayberry, cinnamon and pine

Festive Fir: the quintessential holiday favorite - Fraser Fir scent

Cabin Fever: mulled cider, spiced maple, a cozy home-sweet-home scent

Winter Berry: Cranberry, spruce + spice

Sweater Weather: Unleash your inner lumberjack! A brisk mountain stream + forest scent

Citrus Peel + Clove:  an orange pomander studded with clove buds

Balsam Spice: Spices mingle with the woodsy notes of balsam pine

Hearthside: Cozy up by the fireplace! Notes of smoky, charred wood, amber + burnt sugar


Pumpkin Chai: The ultimate pumpkin spice fix! Frothy cream, sweet pumpkin + spices

Apple Orchard: Fresh , Aromatic Macintosh apples, freshly pressed cider
Grateful: Be Grateful! The warm, inviting aroma of baked pumpkin pies on Thanksgiving Day
Harvest Moon: A crisp, autumn stroll through the woods. Birch, vetiver + tonka bean
Spiced Pear: Ripened, toasted pear mingles with harvest spices of cinnamon, clove bud


Vintage Peony: Heirloom peonies; an elegant, light floral

Hydrangea:blooming periwinkle Hydrangea, quintessentially Cape Cod

Front Porch Lilac: a true lilac, green leaves, springlike

Sea Salt + Wild Rose: sea salt, sand dunes and rose hips

Meadow Violet: a delicate, airy floral with summer sweetgrass

Yoga Inspired

Prana: clean and crisp Lemon, Lavender, garden fresh basil leaf

Namaste: Juicy, energizing Ruby Red Grapefruit + bamboo

Zen Garden: calming oasis of herbal eucalyptus and refreshing bergamot
Good Karma: deep wood notes, soothing sandalwood, bohemian nag champa incense

The Coast

Dune Grass: woody sage leaf + windswept beach grass, mineral sea salt

Seashells: warm sand, hint of jasmine, the memory of cheerful summer days

Sea Salt + Wild Rose: Sea Salt, sand dunes and beach rose

Mermaid Lagoon:a tropical lagoon, lush marine notes

Boardwalk: Italian bergamot extract, tart seaberries + awapuhi blossom

Endless Summer: refreshing and cleansing citrus blended with exotic mangosteen

The Woods

Chatham Light: An earthy mix of cedar, sandalwood, warm musk and a touch of patchouli

Dune Grass: woody sage leaf + windswept beach grass, mineral sea salt

Santal: rugged elegance, a unique blend of  iris, embers + leather

Driftwood: intriguing teak wood, cardamom + musky tobacco leaf

Woodlands: A walk in the woods ~ cedar wood, freshly cut balsam + fir needle

Tweed: Luxe + masculine vetiver, geranium leaves and ambergris

Kitchen & Bath

Tuscan Lemon: uplifting, sweet lemon biscotti

Fresh Fig + Apricot: warm figs with a hint of sweet, Turkish apricot

French Linen: sophisticated + soothing, white herbal tea, linen de Provence

Summer Cotton: freshly washed cotton drying in the summer breeze

Frosted Cupcake: delicious vanilla cake topped with buttercream frosting

Coffee House: Your favorite coffee shop in a candle! Bold and enticing, dark, roasted coffee beans

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