7.5 oz. Cottage Candles

100% vegetable waxglass jar/silver lid/hemp wick

Estimated Burn time: Up to 50 hours, depending on your burning style


Holiday Edition:

First Snow: frosty peppermint and hot cocoa

Holiday by the Sea: pine, orange and cinnamon

Cape Cod Cranberry: tart, crisp cranberries and cardamom


Aromatherapy Collection:

Solstice: sandalwood, ylang ylang and wild orange/an intimate blend to soothe + balance

Renewal: cleansing lemon, lavender and chamomile/ focus, cleansing, energizing

Peace: patchouli, cinnamon, tangerine/grounding, de-stressVitality: eucalyptus and grapefruit/ for happiness + positivity

Harmony: ancient frankincense, centering cedarwood/ relaxing, for healing emotional pain + anxiety


Spring Collection:

Cloud 9: warm amber and sandalwood

Frosted Cupcake: vanilla cake and buttercream frosting

Front Porch Lilac: spring white lilac blossom, green leaves

Vintage Peony: richly scented pink petals fresh from the garden

7.5 oz. {Cottage}


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