The Luxe

After a trip to Paris, we were inspired to create an elegant candle without the bougie pricetag. Using our finest blends and a minimalist design, these unique, frosted vessels with a touch of silver, are guaranteed to bring a little LUXE to any decor.

Estimated Burn time: Up to 50 hours, depending on your burning style


Frasier Fir: a perfect year-round fir scent

White Tea: New! A clean and memorable scent. Soothing, white herbal tea leaves

Coast: New! Masculine ocean scent

Cashmere: New! Heavenly cashmere with fresh cream

French Linen: sophisticated, linen de Provence

Santal: rugged elegance, a unique blend of iris, embers + leather

Prana: clean and crisp lemon, lavender, garden fresh basil leaf + mint

Good Karma: deep wood notes, soothing sandalwood, bohemian nag champa incense

Namaste: uplifting satsuma + grapefruit

Gypsy: cleansing pinon pine

The Luxe