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Our Story

Maggie started Cape Cod Soy Candle in 2008 in her kitchen because her daughter was allergic to paraffin candles. Research brought her to soy wax - a cleaner burning, vegetable based alternative. With a love of the Cape, it's sand dunes and natural coastal beauty - the soy candles were named and quickly became a sought after souvenir. Over a decade later, Cape Cod Soy Candle has expanded into a much larger candle workshop where Maggie continues to be the chief candle pourer + creative director.

  • Our jars are reusable!

       Simply rinse out with hot,

       soapy water. See more here


  • Cape Cod Soy Candles emit little to no soot when burning ~ perfect for those with chemical sensitivities or asthma


  • We adopt a sea turtle every year for rehabilitation from the National Marine Life Center in Buzzards Bay,MA.

  • We use 100% pure USA grown soybean wax and hemp wicks


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